Judge Dredd: Dark Justice

Judge Dredd: Dark Justice

Judge Dredd: Dark Justice


Alternate name:
Judge Dredd: Dark Justice 2015


John Wagner

Movies & TV, Sci-Fi


THE LIFE-HATING SUPER-FIEND FROM DEADWORLD RETURNS!<br />Having previously been destroyed by nuclear fire and dragged to hell by the vengeful spirits of those he had murdered, Death has managed to return to the world, ready to resume his mission in destroying all life.<br />United once more with his ‘brothers' – Judges Fear, Fire and Mortis – the quartet of terror have invaded The Mayflower - a starship populated by four thousand of Mega-City One's richest citizens. Psi-Division's Cassandra Anderson discovers that Death has returned and now she and Judge Dredd must travel into deep space in an attempt to stop the Dark Judges once and for all.<br />This fully painted graphic novel comes with an extensive gallery and sketch section.

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