Kid Eternity (1991)

Kid Eternity (1991)

Kid Eternity (1991)



Alternate name:
Kid Eternity (1991) 1991


Grant Morrison

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero


Hes neither dead nor alive. Hes KID ETERNITY, a teenager endowed with supernatural powers and the ability to bring back the dead - a gift from the powers above for being taken by death ahead of his time. Now the free-spirited Kid Eternity is back as an agent of Chaos, in a world thats just a bit too ordered for his taste. The Kid must free his partner, Mr. Keeper, from indentured servitude in Hell before he can get on with his mission of undermining the forces of Order. Kid Eternity uses chaos magic to elevate humanitys existence, but this path to good intentions is paved with demons, death and madness...especially when his way is blocked by a sleazy evangelist and a stand-up comedian. Before this nightmarish excursion into the netherworld has ended, everyone will be swept away in a rush of insanity that sheds new light on good and evil, life and death.

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