Kimota!: The Miracleman Companion

Kimota!: The Miracleman Companion

Kimota!: The Miracleman Companion



Alternate name:
Kimota!: The Miracleman Companion 2001


Alan Moore

Action, Adventure, Superhero


Alan Moores Miracleman predated Watchmen and Dark Knight as the first of the grim, ultra-realistic strips that changed super-hero comics forever. But whatever happened to Miracleman? For the first time, this trade paperback tells all the behind-the-scenes secrets, from the characters start as the British strip Marvelman, to the legal and creative hurdles during its 24-issue run at Eclipse Comics, and why you never saw the final Neil Gaiman-scripted issue! Sporting a Mark Buckingham cover and an introduction and back cover by Alex Ross, this book features in-depth interviews with Alan Moore, John Totleben, Neil Gaiman, Mark Buckingham, Barry Windsor-Smith, Beau Smith, Cat Yronwode, Rick Veitch, and others! Plus theres an amazing assortment of unpublished art, uninked pencils, sketches, and concept drawings (including unseen art from the never-published issue #25) by Totleben, Windsor-Smith, Buckingham, Mike Deodato, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, and more! Also includes a never-before-published eight-page Moore/Totleben story, Lux Brevis, and an unused Moore script! (A percentage of profits go to Miracleman artist John Totleben, who is battling the eye disease Retinitus Pigmentosa.)

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