Lazarus Churchyard: The Final Cut

Lazarus Churchyard: The Final Cut

Lazarus Churchyard: The Final Cut



Alternate name:
Lazarus Churchyard: The Final Cut 2001


Warren Ellis

Graphic Novels


Collected volume of the Lazarus Churchyard series.<br />Hes an ex-terrorist from the scrag-end of London with a connoisseurs understanding of every foul narcotic known to humanity. Hes a four hundred year old derelict and hated by at least half the inhabitants of a poisoned and depopulated Earth. Hes actually a bit of brain locked inside a body sculpted from intelligent plastic that renders him immortal. And all he wants to do is die. Meet Lazarus Churchyard, suicide-crazed unkillable junkie trapped in a future so disgusting that it makes him the good guy by default. Lazarus Churchyard was what happened when the British got their hands on cyberpunk. Tundra commissioned two sequel books to the original 40-page story -- which included stories not illustrated by ur-LAZ artist DIsraeli -- which were collected into a trade paperback in 1992. Lazarus Churchyard: The Final Cut sets things right and supplants the long-out-of-print earlier edition by bringing together the core stories by Warren Ellis and DIsraeli, and finishing the collection with a brand-new story created especially for this book.

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