Legends of the World's Finest

Legends of the World's Finest

Legends of the World's Finest


Alternate name:
Legends of the World's Finest 1994


Walt Simonson

Superhero, DC Comics


In this haunting painted tale of redemption and damnation, Batman and Superman must overcome destructive nightmares of each other''s pasts as they battle against a pair of demonic villains. Plagued by visions of his parents'' murders at the hands of a lone gunman, the Man of Steel becomes a vicious force for justice. At the same time, the Dark Knight loses his mental and physical edge as his dreams of life on Krypton make him fearful of the night. Now up against the possessed Man-Bat and the merciless Silver Banshee, the world''s greatest heroes must rise above these psychological manipulations to once again become the men they were or risk losing their souls forever.

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