Lobo: In The Chair

Lobo: In The Chair

Lobo: In The Chair


Alternate name:
Lobo: In The Chair 1994


Alan Grant

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero


Its a bad hair day of no small proportions for the Main Man when a pair of evil bastiches catch him with his guard down in LOBO: IN THE CHAIR, a twisted and irreverent one-shot. Lobos spent a couple of months in the galactic outback, scrounging on a horrible planet where hes been bounty-hunting a tribe of bad guys. Now hes back home, accompanied by an overflowing cartload of dead bodies, and ready to collect his loot. Hes so glad to be back that hes only a little upset that he got everybody he was looking for except the Winter Brothers, a pair of mooks hell have to track down later. The trouble is, after all that hard work, the Main Man stinks. Hes dirty, sweaty and in need of a good clean-up. So its off to the barber shop. But who should come crawling out of the woodwork but the aforesaid Winter Brothers, who seize the opportunity to exact revenge...and do things that are too horrible to contemplate, both to Lobo... and his hair.

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