Lobo: Portrait of a Victim

Lobo: Portrait of a Victim

Lobo: Portrait of a Victim


Alternate name:
Lobo: Portrait of a Victim 1993


Alan Grant

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Superhero


Lobo goes on a rampage and an innocent bystander lands in the hospital. So what else is new?! It may be business as usual for Lobo, but not for John Doe, the Main Mans aforementioned innocent victim and the subject of LOBO: PORTRAIT OF A VICTIM. The hilarity begins as Doe has a typical bad day at home with the family and decides to go out with his buds for a beer. Unluckily for him, Lobo was meeting his date in the same sleazy bar. What happens next is a healthy dose of Lobo-style fraggin fun - ultraviolent, extraraucous and semifatal for that poor sap, John Doe.

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