Lucas Stand

Lucas Stand

Lucas Stand



Alternate name:
Lucas Stand 2016


Caitlin Kittredge, Kurt Sutter

Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural


Whats to Love: Ever since we first saw Sons of Anarchy, we knew creator Kurt Sutter had an amazing comic book story in him. Now weve got it in Lucas Stand, his first, original comic book series. If youve been looking for a new antihero like Jax Teller to root for, Lucas Stand fits the bill. What It Is: Lucas Stand is a military vet who cant reintegrate into society and has emotionally cut himself off from the people he loves. At his lowest, Lucas does something he cant take back. Hell comes calling, offering him the opportunity to make things right. Demons escaping Hell are upsetting the balance of evil, and now Lucifer has recruited Lucas to send them back. It doesnt matter in what era the demons escape—World War II, old-timey Hollywood, Vietnam, present day—he must learn to fit in both the past and the present. Given new purpose, Lucas starts to rebuild himself and his life, even as he struggles at the human cost that comes with it.

Chapter (Issue) List

Lucas Stand #6 11/16/18
Lucas Stand #5 11/16/18
Lucas Stand #4 11/16/18
Lucas Stand #3 11/16/18
Lucas Stand #2 11/16/18
Lucas Stand #1 11/16/18