Martha Washington Stranded in Space

Martha Washington Stranded in Space

Martha Washington Stranded in Space


Alternate name:
Martha Washington Stranded in Space 1995


Frank Miller



All her life she has fought for freedom, tried to make her imperfect world into something perfect. Now, on the far edge of space, Martha Washington has found the road to her utopia. Theres a perfect world in another galaxy, and all the signposts are pointing her in the right direction. Marthas no stranger to war, but now the battle is being fought in her head -- and in her heart. Can she leave behind her cause for the brass ring shes always reached for? In the toughest battles, being a warrior isnt always enough. Crossover is an all-new, full-color 18-page story by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons, featuring a guest appearance by The Big Guy. Martha Washington in Space also features the six-page story Martha Washington and the Attack of the Flesh-Eating Monsters (originally printed in black and white in Dark Horse Presents 100 #4), presented here for the first time in color.

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