Marvel 1872: Warzones!

Marvel 1872: Warzones!

Marvel 1872: Warzones!



Alternate name:
Marvel 1872: Warzones! 2015


Alan Cowsill, Gerry Duggan, Roy Thomas

Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero


In the Battleworld zone of 1872, Sheriff Steve Rogers faces corruption and fear in the boom town of Timely. Can Anthony Stark pull Rogers fat from the fire? Probably not, since the only thing he seems capable of pulling is a cork from a bottle. Things in Timely are bad, and getting worse — and when a stranger arrives in town, Timely will be changed forever. For anyone left standing when the dust clears, that is. Its a Dead Mans Hand composed of Bullseye, Elektra, Grizzly, Doc Ock and ringleader Wilson Fisk. But what concoction is the timid Dr. Banner cooking up in his apothecary? Will Justice stand tall at high noon, or die in the street? Plus: classic appearances of Will Talltrees, the Marvel Universes modern Red Wolf!<br />Collects 1872 #1-4, Avengers (1963) #80, Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #170 (Red Wolf story).<br />Note: The digital edition (11/25/2015) for this volume was released before the print edition.

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