New Avengers: Luke Cage

New Avengers: Luke Cage

New Avengers: Luke Cage


Alternate name:
New Avengers: Luke Cage 2010


Antony Johnston, John Arcudi

Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero


When an old friend from Luke Cages past is put in the hospital by a vicious attack, Cage leaves his New York City, Avengers Assemblin adventure-filled life for the cold, harsh and mean streets of North Philadelphia. But whats brought HAMMERHEAD to town as well? JOHN ARCUDI (Wednesdays Comics) and ERIC CANETE (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) team up to bring you this hard hitting, two-fisted look at the seedier sides of the Marvel U as the original Hero for Hire gets back to work in NEW AVENGERS: LUKE CAGE! And in CAGE MATCH, we look back at a bit of brutal history between Luke Cage and Daredevil, revealing a mutual respect that may soon be torn asunder. Collecting NEW AVENGERS: LUKE CAGE #1-3, DAREDEVIL: CAGE MATCH and HERO FOR HIRE #1.

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