Orion and Edge of Chaos

Orion and Edge of Chaos

Orion and Edge of Chaos



Alternate name:
Orion and Edge of Chaos 2012


Gray Morrow



Gray Morrows career spanned over forty years - he toiled as an illustrator, comic book storyteller, painter, creator of myths and tales, a ghost artist for others behind on their deadlines, and a comic strip artist. His talents were varied and he was consistently good in a profession where quantity was and is sometimes more important than quality. Its clear to anyone who takes the time to look at his body of work that he had point of view that was consistent, compelling, and good to look at. Orion, his homage to the epic swashbuckler newspaper strips of the 1930s and pulp sci-fi and fantasy, was published installments in Heavy Metal magazine in the 1970s, but has never been published in its entirety, until now. Read one of Morrows favorite efforts which bristles with pulp sensabilites, engaging characters, and non-stop action. Also, Morrows three comic book story arc, Edge of Chaos, his rumination on the Greek myths, is also assembled, for the first time as a complete story to compliment Orion.

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