Relative Heroes

Relative Heroes

Relative Heroes


Alternate name:
Relative Heroes 2000


Devin Grayson

DC Comics, Superhero


Your parents are dead. Your little sister thinks she''s Lobo. Child Protective Services wants to talk to you. Three of your best friends have superpowers they hate. And you''ve just inherited a Winnebago. What do you do? Road trip! THE TITANS'' Devin Grayson joins the BATMAN: HARLEY QUINN art team of Yvel Guichet and Aaron Sowd to introduce the Weinbergs in RELATIVE HEROES, a 6-issue miniseries filled with enough action, humor and superhuman drama to attract both diehard super-hero buffs and readers newer to comics. After the death of their parents, the Weinbergs decide they''ve had an origin, and pile into the late Mr. Weinberg''s Winnebago to traverse the DCU in search of Superman, their grail of steel. Led by the only powerless sibling, Joel (a.k.a. Houston), a teenager who learned everything he knows about being a team leader from comic books, the Weinbergs are a family whose powers reflect their personalities: 11-year-old Aviva (Temper), whose electric powers make her tantrums deadlier than most; adopted brothers Tyson (Blindside), an African American, treated like an invisible man, who possesses the power to disappear, and Cameron (Omni), so outgoing he''s unaware that he mimics the powers of the super-beings near him...

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