Shade, the Changing Girl

Shade, the Changing Girl

Shade, the Changing Girl



Alternate name:
Shade, the Changing Girl 2016


Cecil Castellucci, Gilbert Hernandez

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero


Far away on the planet Meta, Lomas going nowhere fast. Shes dropped out of school, dumped her boyfriend, and is bored out of her mind. She longs to feel things. Thats where her idol, the lunatic poet Rac Shade, and his infamous madness coat come it. Loma steals the garment and makes a break across galaxies to take up residence in a new body: Earth girl Megan Boyer. Surely everything will be better on this passionate primitive planet with a dash of madness on her side and this human girls easy life. Only now that shes here, Loma discovers being a teenaged Earth girl comes with its own challenges and Earth may not be everything she thought itd be. Megan Boyer was a bully whom everyone was glad was almost dead, and now Loma has to survive High School and navigate the consequences of the life she didnt live with the ever-growing and uncontrollable madness at her side. Not to mention that there are people back on her homeworld who might just want Shades coat back.