Star Trek: Voyager--Planet Killer

Star Trek: Voyager--Planet Killer

Star Trek: Voyager--Planet Killer


Alternate name:
Star Trek: Voyager--Planet Killer 2001


Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

DC Comics, Action, Adventure


In the classic Star Trek episode The Doomsday Machine, Captain James T. Kirk faced an enemy more destructive than any he had ever encountered = -- one composed of pure neutronium, miles long, that smashed planets to bits, converting the planetary matter to fuel with which it fed its insatiable hunger. Luckily, Kirk had a crippled starship to throw at the stellar destroyer, ensuring its defeat. But now the Planet Killer is back -- or another one just like it has appeared, and Captain Janeway and her Voyager crew have no such weapon. Janeway knows how Kirk managed to beat the mysterious stellar destroyer, but she doesnt have the same resources. With the vast killer poised to consume an entire system of populated planets, Janeway and her crew must act quickly to neutralize the threat of the destructive behemoth.