Superman & Batman: Generations II

Superman & Batman: Generations II

Superman & Batman: Generations II


Alternate name:
Superman & Batman: Generations II 2001


John Byrne

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero


The 2001 sequel to the 1999 Superman &amp; Batman: Generations, this four-issue Elseworlds mini-series follows the real-time careers of The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight from their earliest days on into the future! This new series follows their adventures over eleven years rather than the decade of the previous series. Written and drawn by fan-favorite John Byrne, of X-Men, Legends, The Man of Steel, Spider-Man: Chapter One, Next Men, Wonder Woman and Lab Rats fame and colored by Trish Mulvihill. Generations II broadens its scope to include appearances from the rest of the DC Universe. Byrne brilliantly draws in the JSA and Blackhawks during World War II; Hal Jordans predecessor Green Lantern Abin Sur; Kid Flash, Robin, Supergirl and Wonder Girl as a junior Justice League; Deadman and Dr. Occult.<br />The covers are reminiscent of Byrnes work on the original Marvel Universe Encyclopedia, with the characters marching, racing or flying from one side of the cover to the other.<br />This mini-series was followed by the twelve-issue maxi-series, Superman &amp; Batman: Generations III.