Sweet Konkrete

Sweet Konkrete

Sweet Konkrete


Alternate name:
Sweet Konkrete 2022





A feisty cop, a cunning mercenary, and a super sweet kid must band together to survive in a hostile, lawless world!In the megalopolis of Cielazur, the truth is sometimes concealed to keep up appearances. Asa, a young police officer with a thirst for justice, sees her life change course dramatically when she discovers a strange symbol engraved upon her late father''s service weapon. As she begins to investigate, Asa realizes that in order to uncover the truth about her father''s mysterious death, she will have to enter the Citadel: a mysterious ghetto where crime reigns supreme, and the laws of nature don''t apply! Asa Dehlil, an energetic and reckless young police officer from Cielazur, is suspended after a forceful intervention that is not appreciated by her superiors. To avoid making matters worse, the commissioner suggests that she lay low and wait for an opportunity to put her values and courage to work. The opportunity arises when she comes across her father''s old service weapon, with a mysterious engraving that seems linked to a strange and hostile place: the Citadel. Asa manages to get hold of her father''s file, which reveals his disappearance during a mission to the Citadel 15 years ago. She decides to go there in search of Irene, a member of her father''s unit and the last person to see him alive...

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