Tales Designed To Thrizzle

Tales Designed To Thrizzle

Tales Designed To Thrizzle


Alternate name:
Tales Designed To Thrizzle 2012


Michael Kupperman

Comedy, Mature, Pulp


The first issue of the acclaimed ongoing series by cartoonist and comedy genius Michael Kupperman. This dense comic magazine includes Uncle Billys Drunken, Bitter Guide to the Animal Kingdom, new Pablo Picasso adventures, information on sex blimps and sex holes, an opportunity to meet the hot boy band Boybank, cowboys debating whether comics are serious literature, Cut-out n Play: Soccer Joust! and much, much more, including games, text pieces, fake ads and more, all presented with Kuppermans inimitable Dadaist sense of humor. Find out why Triumph the Insult Comic Dog creator Robert Smigel says, Kupperman is hysterical, and a real original, while comedian Andy Richter says, Kupperman writes a hysterically funny comic book!