Tales From Riverdale Digest

Tales From Riverdale Digest

Tales From Riverdale Digest


Alternate name:
Tales From Riverdale Digest 2010



Romance, School Life, Slice of Life


Due to the popular demand of Archie Comics fans everywhere, were shining the spotlight on Riverdale brighter than ever before. Tales From Riverdale Digest highlights the amazing supporting cast that have entertained generations... from Reggie and Moose to Sabrina and Josie, and every teen in between! Not to mention the hilarious group of adults in Riverdale! Of course, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead still make appearances, too. Riverdale High Yearbook: Just what the title says... a yearbook full of all the fun and excitement the kids at Riverdale High have experienced this year! From class photos to reminiscences about activities and clubs, homecoming, sports, class trips and more, the gangs all here, including the faculty! Filled with poignant insights and hilarious anecdotes, theres no better jumping-on point for new readers than this... and no better addition to a long-time readers collection!