Tales From the Bully Pulpit

Tales From the Bully Pulpit

Tales From the Bully Pulpit


Alternate name:
Tales From the Bully Pulpit 2004


Benito Cereno

Historical, Sci-Fi


THE CONCEPT: Most American presidents are given, at most, a period of eight years in which to protect a single country. But unknown to the public at large, one rough-riding president took it upon himself to protect the whole known universe-for the entire expanse of time. What do a man who was formerly president and an inventor who was formerly alive get up to when they obtain a stolen time machine? Science, thats what. THIS ISSUE: Teddy Roosevelt and the ghost of Thomas Edison travel to the far-flung future on a wager, only to discover the terrible secret of space! Its a rough and tumble tale of science with both fists as our two heroes race through time to liberate the Red Planet from its foreign invaders.

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