The Art of DOOM Eternal

The Art of DOOM Eternal

The Art of DOOM Eternal


Alternate name:
The Art of DOOM Eternal 2020


Id Software

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Dark Horse Books and id Software join forces to present The Art of DOOM Eternal, encompassing every detail youve come to love from DOOM! A full-color art book containing concept art and commentary from the development of DOOM Eternal, the next entry in the iconic first person shooter series. The newest chapter in the quintessential game franchise from id Software is here. Witness DOOM Eternal! This epic volume explores the art and development of the hotly anticipated sequel to the 2016 Game Award-winner for Best Action Game! Explore the twisted demonic invasion of Earth, and the cultist UAC facilities, and plunge into otherworldly and unknown locations new to the DOOM universe. Admire the dangerous, glimmering edges of the Slayers arsenal and armor. Examine the ancient designs and breeds of Hells soldiers and lords‚ all in gloriously designed full-color images straight from the files of the games artists themselves!