The Batman Adventures: Mad Love

The Batman Adventures: Mad Love

The Batman Adventures: Mad Love


Alternate name:
The Batman Adventures: Mad Love 1994


Bruce Timm, Paul Dini

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Crime, Leading Ladies, Pulp, Romance


Harley Quinn and Joker try to ambush James Gordon at the dentist office but Batman gets the drop of them and even mocks Joker for being to predictable. They get away but Jokers pride is wounded and Harley cant even get a smile from him. She is eventually tossed out with the hyenas and she blames Batman. She feel Batman gets in the way of the two and if Batman was out of the picture she could have Joker to herself.<br />In a series of flashbacks we see the origin of Harley when she went by Harleen Quinzel. He gymnast scholarship to Gotham University and how she at the very least seduced her grades from her professors and graduated. Ending up at Arkham Asylum She meets and eventually falls in love with the Joker and even breaks him out as Harley Quinn.<br />Harley hatches a plan to capture Batman. She is meticulous over every detail and rechecks everything until Batman wakes up hanging upside down over a tank of piranha. Finally going to kill Batman Harley hears Batman tell her how mad the Joker would be if she did it without him. Convinced she calls joker and he gets there as fast as possible.

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