The Best of DC

The Best of DC

The Best of DC


Alternate name:
The Best of DC 1986


Jerry Siegel

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero


The Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest is just that: reprinting the best storylines from Batman, Superman, Worlds Finest Comics, Superboy, Green Lantern, The Flash Barry Allen, and featuring the Secret Origin of Super-Villains, The Justice Society of America, Legion of Super-Heroes, Teen Titans and other characters.<br />The digests, similar to Archie Comics digests, were published at a time before graphic novels and trade paperbacks, when publishers like DC Comics and Marvel reprinted material in comic book pages. DCs 100 Page Comics featured 10 - 12 pages of original stories and the rest were reprint material. Case in point The Best of DC 9, collecting the Detective Comics Bat murderer storyline. Each segment is roughly 12-pages long. Combining that with a 1969 reprint from Batman, and a layout of the Wayne Foundation Building, what you have is a 100 page digest for under a dollar!<br />After 71 issues, the series ended in 1986.