The Books of Faerie

The Books of Faerie

The Books of Faerie



Alternate name:
The Books of Faerie 1997


Bronwyn Carlton Taggart

DC Comics, Fantasy


In the current time, replicating a scene from Books of Magic, Titania admits to Auberon, in front of Tim, that Tim is her child with Tamlin. Auberon accepts Tamlin as the father, but says that Tim doesnt have any faerie blood, and thus Titania cant be his mother. This series explains how this can be true.<br />The story takes place in England, many hundreds of years ago. A young girl named Maryrose lives in a hut with her Gran, where they eat rats and wear rags. Gran warns Maryrose not to follow the fairy lights in the woods, as they will lead her to Faerie--knowing that this is exactly what she will do. Maryrose follows the lights, which then turn into variously-colored fairies. Queen Dymphna soon joins them, and while Maryrose was always warned that the fairies would try to trick kids to stay in Faerie, thats exactly what happens. Maryrose stays there for years, playing with the Queen and her maidens, without a worry.<br />The Amadan brings news that the King is returning from war, and the Queen has her maidens, including Maryrose (now called Rosebud), go with her to welcome him. King Obrey comes back and there is a feast. The Amadan, taking note of Rosebud, starts to set a plan in motion for her to become Queen, since Dymphna and Obrey have no children...

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