The Darkness (1996)

The Darkness (1996)

The Darkness (1996)


Alternate name:
The Darkness (1996) 2001


Garth Ennis

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mythology


The Series begins in New York City, with Jackie Estacado being introduced as he is stalking an undisclosed person for his Uncle Frankie Franchetti. The two suspect that this man has been scamming the Franchetti Crime Family and decide on a whim that he would be better off dead. With that, Jackie turns on his red sports car, crushes the mans lower body with the car and then shoot him several times until hes dead.<br />He then goes to the bar where he meets Jenny Romano and asks for a glass of milk, much to the latters surprise. Hes then seen flirting with some of the girls inside the bar and eventually leaves with one of them, telling her that he can get her a walk-on part in The Simpsons. Whilst hes at his home with the woman, the reader is introduced to Sonatine, who is spying on him through a mystical source, as well as the current wielder of the Angelus, who wants to kill him the moment he gains The Darkness, hoping to end the Estacado family line once and for all.