The Death of Superman (1993)

The Death of Superman (1993)

The Death of Superman (1993)


Alternate name:
The Death of Superman (1993) 1993


Roger Stern

Superhero, DC Comics


THE EPIC EVENT THAT SHOCKED A NATION AND CHANGED SUPERMAN FOREVER!<br />Doomsday. A creature with single-minded purpose of death and destruction. He has landed on Earth, laying waste to anything--and anyone--who dares stand in his way. The Justice League makes a valiant, but ultimately desperate, attempt to stop the unknown juggernaut. When the beast nears Metropolis, Superman answers the call to stop him.<br />And then the unthinkable happens. The Man of Steel... is dead. <br />Join DAN JURGENS (SUPERMAN: LOIS &amp; CLARK), JERRY ORDWAY (ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN), LOUISE SIMONSON (SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL), and many more as they bring you the seminal moment in the history of the DC Universe and the world itself. Collects ACTION COMICS #683-684, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #496-497, Justice League of America #69, SUPERMAN #73-75, SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL #17-19, and for the first time ever in a collected edition, NEWSTIME: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF SUPERMAN.