The Elektra Saga

The Elektra Saga

The Elektra Saga


Alternate name:
Elektra Saga


Frank Miller

Superhero, Marvel


Elektra. The first woman ever loved by the Daredevil, the man without fear. Her touch was warmth. Her simile was light. Then, her father was murdered., and a soft heart became as stone,. She left this country, driven by rage and grief, to study the many arts of killing with an order of ninja called The Hand -- until she betrayed them. Forced into exile, she came back to the land known as America; now as an assassin-for-hire. And for her crimes, thes tragic, haunted woman is hunted by the one man she has ever cared for, remembered through years of loneliness and denial -- Daredevil. When Elektra confronts her last love, only death can follow.

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