The Joker: Devils Advocate

The Joker: Devils Advocate

The Joker: Devils Advocate


Alternate name:
The Joker: Devils Advocate 1996


Chuck Dixon

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero


The Joker has been captured and sentenced to death for mass murder. His image has been placed on poisonous poststamps, which leads the authoritys to believe it was him behind the killings. The Joker attacks several of his captors after his sentence is given. While most of the people in charge of Jokers case know hes innocent of this particular sin , including Harvey Bullock and James Gordon, they will not attempt to argue his case. But Batman will not sit for that. Batman believes a Law founded on the ideal of justice, cannot be compromised, and he sets out to find the real killer.<br />The question he must face is : should he save man who so relishes chaos and violence, a man who is a multiple murderer seemingly bereft of a human conscience? Is doing what must be done worth the sacrifice of the lawful justice?

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