The Last Avengers Story

The Last Avengers Story

The Last Avengers Story


Alternate name:
The Last Avengers Story 1995


Peter David

Marvel, Action


Time has marched on for Earths Mightiest Heroes and many of the well-known avengers from the silver and bronze ages have moved into retirement or sadly fallen in battle. But many of the avengers old villains are still around and in one fell swoop they destroy the current avengers with a nuclear weapon. After Ultron-59 threatens Hank Pym and the Wasp, Hank knows that he must try to round up the old avengers and any other available heroes for one final battle; even though most of them are no longer as powerful as they once were. Fortunately, Cannonball, the Human Torch, Bombshell, Hotshot, and She-Hulks daughter answer Hanks call to muster; while Mockingbird declines, and Hawkeye and Mr. Fantastic cannot help due to permanent disabilities. However, before Hank is ready to engage Ultron, Kang, Oddball, and the Grim Reaper; he must add one more former avenger to his team...the Vision! Will a group of middle age heroes be able to recapture the magic and score a most improbable victory?

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