The Last Battle

The Last Battle

The Last Battle


Alternate name:
The Last Battle 2011


Tito Faraci

Action, Adventure, Historical, Military


The sheen of Hollywoods Rome is blasted away for this gritty, unflinching tale of an unsung commander in Caesars Legions. In 52 BCE Gaul, Caesars forces lay siege to the barbarian stronghold of Alesia in one of the biggest battles in history; nearby, another barbarian army prepares to attack the Romans from behind, led by the rebel Cammius, who once fought for Rome. Caesar dispatches his greatest general, Caius Rodius, to track through the untamed countryside, and bring back the rebels head. Who better to hunt Cammius, than the man who taught him the very skills he now uses to defy Rome? Torn between duty and friendship, Rodius questions whether the Roman road of stone and blood is a path he still wants to follow. Story by TITO FARACI (Diabolik, Spider-Man: The Secret of Glass, The Devil and Captain America), art by DAN BRERETON (NOCTURNALS, The Punisher, God-Sized Thor, Red Sonja).

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