The Loud House Love Out Loud Special

The Loud House Love Out Loud Special

The Loud House Love Out Loud Special


Alternate name:
The Loud House Love Out Loud Special 2021



School Life


Who doesn''t love THE LOUD HOUSE? That chaotic household of Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters- Lori, Leni, Luna, Lynn, Luan, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lily? They certainly love each other, even if they seem to be driving each other crazy. See for yourself and check out what going on with the Louds and the ones that love them. Proud parents Lynn Sr and Rita Loud are trying to have a date night. Clyde McBride''s Dads struggle over scheduling their next 20th anniversary dinners. PopPop tries to get his dancing shoes on to groove with Myrtle, if only his back didn''t give out! Sid Chang''s parents let out their wild side as they celebrate “Take Your Spouse to Work Day.” Then, everyone''s favorite long-distance couple, Bobby Santiago and Lori Loud will they go to what lengths have a video call in peace? And, can Lincoln Loud pick a date to the dance? Plus, more hijinks with Sam and Luna that would make Cupid blush! Featuring loving stories by the talent behind the Emmy-nominated series THE LOUD HOUSE and THE CASAGRANDES.

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