The Mummy: Valley of the Gods

The Mummy: Valley of the Gods

The Mummy: Valley of the Gods


Alternate name:
The Mummy: Valley of the Gods 2001


Marv Wolfman

Adventure, Horror, Movies & TV


The Mummy comes to Chaos! and its time for you to unwrap the suspense! It began thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, and now a new year begins in 1927, when the inimitable Rick OConnell returns with his new wife, Evelyn, her brother, Jonathan and the man named Ardeth Bay to face a menace even more deadly than Imhotep, The Mummy. But can they stop what lurks beneath the Valley Of The Gods? An action-packed, all-original comics novel in three thrilling chapters. Also, introducing the menace of The Scorpion King, played by the WWFs The Rock, a powerful force of nature featured in the upcoming blockbuster movie, The Mummy Returns!

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