The Phantom Stranger (1987)

The Phantom Stranger (1987)

The Phantom Stranger (1987)


Alternate name:
The Phantom Stranger (1987) 1988


Paul Kupperberg

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Pulp, Superhero, Supernatural


Having been destroyed by the Anti-Fate, the Phantom Stranger slowly coalesces back on the mortal plane. Police Commissioner James Gordon investigates a particularly horrific crime scene. Doctor Bruce Gordon makes note of a series of earthquakes, striking Romania. Dr. Gordon is troubled by the seeming rise of an ancient evil, he long thought put in his past. Natural disasters begin occurring throughout the world.<br />Tensions escalate between the governments of the United States of America and Russia. Jimmy Olsen tails a mob clerk to the Soviet Consulate, in Metropolis. Lycaon, Chosen of Chaos, preaches at the Temple of Divine Light, in Gotham City. The Phantom Stranger confronts Lycaon. The Phantom Stranger attempts to sway Lycaons followers against him, to no avail...