The Phantom Zone

The Phantom Zone

The Phantom Zone



Alternate name:
The Phantom Zone 1982


Steve Gerber

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero


Perry White, the editor of the Daily Planet, angrily lays into Charlie Kweskill, for falling asleep on the job. Kweskill groggily tries to comply with White, and finish his task, but, instead, collapses to the floor. Joe Garrity makes sure Kweskill gets home safely. Upon entering his apartment, Kweskill begins violently hallucinating. In his delusion, Kweskill finds himself observing history on the long dead planet, Krypton. Kweskill sees Jor-El, who has come before the Science Counci, to demonstrate his newest invention, the Phantom Zone Projector. Jor-El projects his wife, Lara Lor-Van, into the Phantom Zone, then brings her, safely, back.<br />Gra-Mo is next to unveil his invention to the Science Council, an android, to replace the citys robot labor force. Gra-Mos android, however, is completely non-functional. Gra-Mo accuses Jor-El of ruining his invention, with emissions from the Phantom Zone Projector. Kweskill witnesses Gra-Mo take possession of the citys robot police force, and spitefully wreak havoc with it. Gra-Mo is swiftly arrested. Gra-Mo is the last criminal to be sentenced to exile in space. The Science Council has approved Jor-Els petition to use the Phantom Zone projector to incarcerate future criminals. Kweskill bears witness to the crimes of each of the multitude of criminals sentenced to the Phantom Zone.

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