The Steve Ditko Archives

The Steve Ditko Archives

The Steve Ditko Archives


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The Steve Ditko Archives 2009





Before the Amazing Spider-Man and mysterious Dr. Strange, the legendary comic book artist Steve Ditko was conjuring all manners of horrors at his drawing table. In his first two years in the industry (1953 and1954), Ditko drew tales of macabre suspense that were not yet hobbled by the Comics Code Authority. These stories featured graphic bloodshed, dismemberment and blood-curdling acid baths as the ugly end to the lives of the dark and twisted inhabitants of Steve Ditkos imagination. Strange Suspense: The Steve Ditko Archives Vol. 1 features, for the first time, spectacular full-color reprints of every story from those first two years of his career. Beginning with Ditkos very first story to Ditkos short stint in the Joe Simon/Jack Kirby studio, to Ditkos eventual encampment at the Charlton Comics operation in 1954, readers will see the initial works of an artist already at a level of craftsmanship that exceeded most of his peers. The book also features editor Blake Bells insightful introduction, providing historical background and speaking to Ditkos influence and his unique craft. Fantastic... Raw and grotesque and beautifully drawn and presented. -- Dave Gibbons.