The Thing Is Big Ben

The Thing Is Big Ben

The Thing Is Big Ben


Alternate name:
The Thing Is Big Ben 1984


Chris Gill

Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero


The Thing is Big Ben began publication on 28th March 1984. A Marvel UK title, its title star was Ben Grimm, the Thing, hence the play on words to produce the somewhat clunky title; charitably, the title gave a British air to the comic by giving Ben Grimm the same nickname as the world famous bell in the Palace of Westeminster Clocktower, though more cynical commentators suggested the name was chosen as a prod at ex-Marvel UK editor in chief Dez Skinns Big Ben character, then appearing in Warriors Marvelman strips. The Thing is Big Bens main strip reprinted Marvel Two-in-One. The series cancelled after 18 issues, plus one Summer Special, with the weekly title merging into Spider-Man.