The Transformers: Regeneration One

The Transformers: Regeneration One

The Transformers: Regeneration One


Alternate name:
The Transformers: Regeneration One 2014


Chris Metzen, Simon Furman

Action, Adventure, Movies & TV, Robots, Sci-Fi


The wait is over - after a 20-year hiatus, IDW proudly returns to the original Transformers comic book universe, picking up right where 1991s Transformers #80 left off! Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Kup, Hot Rod and all your favorite Generation One Transformers characters charge into the future as fan-favorite writer Simon Furman and legendary Transformers artist Andrew Wildman present Transformers #80.5! Reflecting back on the dizzying highs and the terrifying lows of the original run of Transformers comics, Optimus Prime watches over a Cybertron that hasnt faced Megatron for decades. But that peace shudders to an end, as we dive headlong into Julys Transformers #81!<br />Because the Fans demanded it! Thousand of Transformers fans signed petitions urging us to make this book - and IDW listened!<br />Created by the same writer, penciler, and inker of Transformer #80 in 1991!<br />Bonus features make clear IDWs current Transformers line of comics, as well as our extensive reprint program!