Ultimates 3

Ultimates 3

Ultimates 3


Alternate name:
Ultimates 3 2008


Jeph Loeb

Marvel, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Superhero


The countdown to Ultimatum begins here and when its over, the Ultimate Universe will never be the same! And when we say that in the Ultimate Universe, you know we aint fooling around! A year later, who are the Ultimates? After going through the tumultuous events of the past two volumes, the Ultimates find themselves operating out of Tony Starks mansion in New York where, no longer working for S.H.I.E.L.D., they have to make it on their own. But, a terrible secret is about to tear them apart and bring about a murder at the mansion! One of Earths greatest heroes will die and therell be plenty of suspects! New Members! New Adventures! And New Secrets! All this and Ultimate Venom too! Join Eisner winner and Emmy-nominated writer Jeph Loeb (TVs Heroes, FALLEN SON) and the superstar team of Joe Madureira & Christian Lichtner (UNCANNY X-MEN, Battle Chasers) as they take the Ultimates on their wildest ride yet!

Chapter (Issue) List

Ultimates 3 #5 11/13/18
Ultimates 3 #4 11/13/18
Ultimates 3 #3 11/13/18
Ultimates 3 #2 11/13/18
Ultimates 3 #1 11/13/18