Underworld Unleashed

Underworld Unleashed

Underworld Unleashed


Alternate name:
Underworld Unleashed 1995


Mark Waid

DC Comics, Action, Adventure, Superhero


This issue begins with Abra Kadabra approaching the Rogues Gallery ( except for Trickster ) with a proposition. With an offer of power and respect. All they have to do is to destroy 5 targets at the very same time. Unfortunately the Rogues are killed when the targets are destroyed.This sets Neron free on the Earth. The first thing he does is to go to Belle Reeve where disguised as the Warden he makes a deal with an inmate and a number of gaurds, all to serve the chaos that allows over 100 super powered criminals to escape.Hearing about the death of the rest of the Rogues, The Trickster swears off of petty crimes, and wants to make a bigger name for himself. The Rainbow Rider approaches him to tell him of a deal. Showing the Trickster a candle, he says that if it is lit at midnight it will open the doors to fame power and glory. Trickster lights the candle and finds himself in hell with a large group of supervillains.There Neron makes an offer to the villains where he amplifies their powers in exchange for their souls. They soon find out however, that his deals always come with a cruel twist. Neron also introduces his inner circle which consists of Dr. Polaris , Abrakadabra , Circe , Lex Luthor , &amp; The Joker who sold his soul for a box of cubans. The Tricksterrefrains from asking for anything, instead he just hangs back and watches as things play out. Neron told him that he intended for him to always have had the candle that got him there.<br /> 

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