Union Jack

Union Jack

Union Jack


Alternate name:
Union Jack 1999


Ben Raab, John Cassaday

Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero


When the failing actor named Joey Chapman inherited the mantle of Union Jack, Great Britains protector, he also inherited a tradition dating back to the first World War a tradition for which he risks his very life, battling the forces of evil! Now, as a clan of vampires stalks the streets of London searching for an ancient artifact of untold power, the time has come for this symbol of a nations hope to take up the fight and protect the Queens realm once again! Will Union Jacks classic Webley pistol and razor-sharp silver dagger be enough to stop these bloodsuckers from executing the schemes of the femme fatale known as the Baroness? Perhaps the former Invader known as Spitfire will teach the newest Union Jack how to flash V for victory!

Chapter (Issue) List

Union Jack #3 11/13/18
Union Jack #2 11/13/18
Union Jack #1 11/13/18