Untold Tales of Chastity

Untold Tales of Chastity

Untold Tales of Chastity


Alternate name:
Untold Tales of Chastity 2000


Steven Grant

Leading Ladies


Its Halloween in New York, 1982. Sweet talkin ladies man Slade lost his life - and his world - in a gangland hit that stole his nieces young life as well. On the anniversary of his death, Slade returns from the dead to exact revenge. Can Chastity Marks, the lovable vampire assassin save her dear friend Slade from a head on collison with a life of crime? Or is it too late already? Regardless, shes gonna have to go undercover to get the job done. It1s a pop cultural melting pot as the goth scene meets blaxploitation with a dash of hip hop thrown in for good measure, all with a supernatural twist. Recommended for fans of cute vampire goth chicks.

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