Venom: Along Came a Spider... (2018)

Venom: Along Came a Spider... (2018)

Venom: Along Came a Spider... (2018)


Alternate name:
Venom: Along Came a Spider... (2018) 2018


Evan Skolnick

Superhero, Marvel


Collects Venom: Along Came A Spider #1-4, Venom: The Hunted #1-3, Venom: The Hunger #1-4 and material From Spider-Man Holiday Special 1995.<br />Its Venom vs. Spider-Man once again...for the first time! Eddie Brock takes on a very different web-slinger: Ben Reilly! With Venom a wanted man and Eddies ex-wife Anne Weying caught in the middle, a deadly rivalry is reborn! And when the symbiote-hunting alien Xenophage targets Venom, this time its Eddies brain in danger of being eaten! Meanwhile, four imprisoned symbiotes join together to become Hybrid — but how will this unstable new hero be judged by the Jury? And as Venoms hunger threatens to overwhelm him, can Eddie keep his other in check — or will everyones favorite symbiote become a crazed cannibal killer? Either way, Venoms in for a world of hurt — courtesy of Dr. Paine!