What If? 200

What If? 200

What If? 200


Alternate name:
What If? 200 2011


Marc Guggenheim, Stan Lee

Marvel, Action, Adventure, Superhero


What If? has become a corner staple in the Marvel Universe by spotlighting the road not traveled by many of its heroes & villains as well as the domino effect that the point of divergence creates. What If? 200 offers two titanic tales - the main story is one with a different POV on Siege, What If Norman Osborn Won the Siege of Asgard? What if the Sentry didnt lose control of the Void during battle, allowing for the Siege to ultimately decimate our heroes? With Osborn on top of the world, only one force stands in his way: Doom... and hes not alone as he rebuilds the Cabal with the X-Men?! The second tale is one that will be talked about amongst the multiverse: the murder of Galactus at the hands of... the WATCHER!?

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