Zorro: Galleon Of the Dead

Zorro: Galleon Of the Dead

Zorro: Galleon Of the Dead


Alternate name:
Zorro: Galleon Of the Dead 2020


Mike Wolfer

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The most shocking, mind-bending Zorro tale yet in American Mythology''s line of all-new supernatural adventures of the world-renowned, swashbuckling hero! Cueva del Mar is haunted by a curse that prowls the fog-shrouded cost of the seaside fishing village; whose residents have no choice but to offer human sacrifices to the unknown evil that appears on nights of the full moon aboard the Galleon of the Dead! But one man is determined to end the reign of terror, even if it costs him his own soul, and Zorro will stop at nothing to achieve his goal, even facing his most incredible foe yet- El Hijo del Muerte! Old-fashioned, haunted house terror meets lucha libre action and sword-swinging thrills in a Zorro tale you will never forget.